Date: 2008-04-16 05:06 pm (UTC)
i remember you saying you like alain de botton-- have you ever read 'on love' by him (i think it also goes by the name 'essays on love' or something. something with essays.)? i feel like that book, while sometimes totally bogus, agrees with you in some ways. since you like him, if you've never read it, you might want to check it out! (though i feel like you must have--everyone i know who has even heard of him definitely have that on their past reads list)

i took a class when i was in school called 'love and other technologies' (claiming that love is just like a technology, i know, don't you love the lang-ness in that one?) and i actually got a lot out of it, the readings were awesome, and flirted with a lot of the questions/issues you raise.

i think my final summation on love after that class is that people have it all wrong: we hold love in a really high, unrealistic, unattainable (ie: soulmate, perfect fit), unnatural (why love? why not something else!) light, nitpicking at minor details while the pure aspects of love get defiled. i'm not sure what these pure aspects are yet. i'm not even fully functional right now. but there must be something good and pure about love and romance for it to still have such an important and longlasting presence.

(god i hope that all makes sense!)
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