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1/2-of-two-pitchers-of-sangria, 3rd generation rip-offs, advertising, against me!, alain de botton, alex shelley, altering street signs, amanda palmer, american gods, american horror story, arguing on the internet, ash vs the evil dead, band hoodies, band t-shirts, batman, bernie sanders, black cats, black flag, black noise scam, black tank tops, black-and-white-striped-anything, blatz, blitzkid, bouncing souls, cancerslug, charlie day, christopher meloni, chuck palahunik, clandestine industries, cleaning, cm punk, collecting toys, comfortable beds, comics, connecticut punk, converse, cooking, cooking shows, copywriting, cry havoc!, ct punk, dancing, dean ambrose, democratic socialism, dexter, dracula, drawing, driving aimlessly, driving dogs, drunken rollerskating, dyeing my hair, elizabeth warren, emo, empty vessels, every time i die,, fake blood, fall out boy,, funko pops, game of thrones, get-the-door-its-dracula, girls, glitter, godric the cat, graham joyce, graphic design, gwar, hair dye, harley quinn, hiking, hissing at people, homeland, horror movies, horrorpunk, hunter s. thompson, invader zim, ireland, jason voorhees, jeffrey dean morgan, jj72, joey goebel, johnny thunders, kevin owens, kit harington, knitting, last week tonight, law & order, law and order, law and order: svu, leathermouth, leopard print, little jason voorhees, little jon snow, little proinasis cassidy, makeup, mangoes, mark greaney, max bemis, misfits, monsters, my chemical romance, naming things bill, neil gaiman, new york dolls, nofx, off, owls, pete wentz, philadelphia, piercings, playing guitar, poetry, politics, preacher, president barack obama, professional wrestling, progressive politics, punk, punk fucking rock, punk rock, rabbits, ramones, rancid, red wine, robert reich, robots, robots with knives, rock, sadplant, sami zayn, say anything, screeching weasel, seth rollins, singing, skateboarding, sleeping, snow, snowboarding, sparkles, special victims unit, stars, stealing setlists, striped socks, tattoos, teenage bigfoot, the barren marys, the brickbats, the bunnyman, the circle jerks, the dresden dolls, the hulls, the lillingtons, the lost riots, the mad splatter, the midnightmares, the pink angels, the queers, the ratz, the theatre zombies, the walking dead, the woods, they hate us, tim burton, top chef, true blood, two tongues, ukulele, vendetta red, vincent price, vista ny, vodka, weird old cats, whoopi sticks, winter, words, wrestling, writing, x, xavier woods, yoga, zombies
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